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Proudvet365: 10 Gift Ideas for Military Veterans

By Jack Sparrow on Aug 14, 2022

There’s never a bad time to buy someone you care about a gift. This is especially true if that someone is a military veteran. You can show gratitude for their service or congratulate them on their retirement by purchasing a unique gift that has a personal touch to it. If you’re struggling with a good idea, keep reading for ten great ideas below.

Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins are a part of a tradition that dates back to World War I. It’s a way to prove your membership or belonging with a certain branch of the military or even a battalion. While there’s a game that goes along with challenge coins, they’re also collectible mementos that are popular among military veterans.

Challenge Coin Holder

The more time someone spends in the military, the more chances they’ll have to collect challenge coins. As previously mentioned, these are excellent mementos for those who have served. While they might want to keep one on them at all times, they’re going to need somewhere to put the rest of them.

Challenge coin holders come in all shapes and sizes and are made from various materials. There are plenty of options to choose from with holders that are made with linear rows and are easily accessible while others are a glass display case. Choose whichever fits the personality of your veteran the best and help him or her proudly display their coins.

Car Detailing

Who doesn’t love a freshly washed car? Beyond a wash and wax, a car detailing goes deep into the interior and the person doing the cleaning will shampoo the upholstery to get out any fast food stains or coffee spills. This is also an excellent way to welcome home a serviceman or woman at the end of their deployment. If you’re not sure where to get a vehicle detailed, you can find top-rated detailing services by simply searching “car detailing near me”.

Hoodie/Zip Hoodie

Fall is coming. It’s time to stow away T-shirts and start tossing on some cozy hoodies. Seamlessly harmonizing with nearly anything – be it skirts, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, jackets, or other articles of clothing – hoodies are sure to add a splash to their styles. 

In preparation for this fall, don’t miss out on our marvelous hooded sweatshirt! You have two in one, since it can be worn as a normal hoodie or a light outer layer. Besides being warm and convenient, our hoodies will also be the most durable and modern-looking item in your closet with their high-quality material and stunning prints.

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Tactical Beer Koozie

Everybody needs a koozie to keep their drink cold. Speak to the personal tastes of a vet and cover theirs with a miniature flack jacket. Not only does it look cool, but you can also feel confident that their drink will remain safe as long as it’s covered in faux kevlar.

Keychain Bottle Breacher

Along the lines of enjoying a drink, it’s important to have someone’s back when it comes to opening one. A countertop works in a pinch, but it’s nice to have a bottle breacher on hand to get the job done. From converted 30MM rounds to laser-cut AK47, a keychain bottle breacher will ensure easy access to any drink at all times.

Custom Phone Case

Along the lines of protection, a phone case has gotten to be a necessity with the cost of smartphones. Let your veteran proudly display their branch of the military with a phone case that shows the crest of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. You can also get a custom phone case made that includes a specific deployment or unit they were a part of.

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Similar to a phone case, it’s relatively easy to get a wallet that reflects a branch of the military. Custom embroidery is an excellent touch to further customize the wallet with name and rank as well. While polyester options are an option, leather is a preferred choice because of its sharp appearance and durability.

We also offer designs of all military services on the wallets. Visit here


Make it easy for your veteran to pour their favorite drink with a flask. There are plenty of options that include specialty shapes, prints, and messaging that appeal to those who have served in the military. If you prefer to offer a custom flask, you can have the branch’s insignia engraved or printed on the side.


It’s not uncommon for veterans to be drawn to one another. While challenge coins, phone covers, or wallets are good identifiers, nothing says it louder than a t-shirt. There are a number of veteran-owned t-shirt companies out there that have designs that are specifically messaged for veterans. Armed Forces Gear has been making t-shirts for veterans for more than two decades. Their designs are simple with nods to veterans of all branches of the military. Til Valhalla Project offers monthly subscriptions for t-shirts and the proceeds go to delivering plaques to families of fallen heroes in their honor.

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