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Proudvet365: Unique Military Gifts for the Service Member in Your Life

By Jack Sparrow on Oct 24, 2022

Military life is unique. So is the Military Service Member in your life. But finding unique gifts for those in the military isn’t always easy. We’ve searched the internet and come up with a few ideas you may not have thought of yet.

Check out these unique military gift ideas for the serviceman or woman who doesn’t need another picture frame, tie, or piece of jewelry.

Medal Display Cases

If your beloved service member has earned a medal or challenge coin in the course of their military career, it carries significant meaning. Why not turn it into a unique military gift for him or her and put it on display? Here are a few out of the box display ideas.

Simple Wall Mounted Coin Display

medal display cases

Customizable Wall Mounted Challenge Coin Holder // NicksWoodDesign on Etsy

American Flag Coin Holder

American Flay Coin Holder

Medal Display Coaster

Medal Display Coaster

Floating Frame Coin Display Stand

Floating Coin Display

Medal & Photo Frame

medal and photo frame

Wall Art

There’s no shortage of wall art in any military gift guide. But we were looking for something a little different, and we found a few unique ideas. Take a look.

Wooden Military Plaques

These handmade wooden plaques are unique to each branch of the military and can also be personalized.

Wooden Military Plaque

Light-up Wall Map

Need a great military promotion gift idea? Or maybe something to commemorate a military career upon retirement? Look no further. This light up map lets you mark each locale military service has taken your loved one.

Light Up Wall Map

Maps via LightTravels

Customized Canvas Print

These canvas prints are already unique, plus they can be customized by branch of service and service member, making them perfect gifts for those in the military.

Customized Military Canvas Print

Half Flag – Walking Away Soldier Canvas Print

Metal Sign

Simply Royal Design makes awesome military gifts for her or him in the form of emblems, stars, and signs. They’re customizable, made to order, and offer something other than the typical banner to hang on the wall.

Check out our metal sign collection here

Armed Forces Gear

You may think it’s silly to consider even more armed forces gear as a gift. For military men and women, though, some new gear can be a wonderful reminder that you appreciate all they have given for our country.

Bedding Set



Order here:

Multiple US Military Services Veteran Zip Hoodie

Order here


Check out our lastest ornament here:

Personalized Gifts

There are thousands of personalized military gifts to be found online. A few interesting examples are below.

Personalized Ammo Can

Something a little different for them to bring to the range.

Engraved ammo can


Engraved Whisky Boxes with Military Emblem

If your loved one is a whisky drinker, they’ll adore one of these engraved boxes. Several different options are available.

Whiskey box military


Personalized Bobblehead

We saved the best for last. Who wouldn’t love one of these personalized bobbleheads? Simply send in your service member’s photo to have it turned into a bobblehead.

Military bobblehead

Source: Dolls2U

Do you have unique military gift ideas? Deployed soldiers, retired officers, and everyone in between deserve to know how much we care. Please share your ideas in the comments and we’ll add them to a list of holiday gifts for the military, which we’ll post later this year!

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